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    Master of the Storms

    Mastery is being able to choose the tone of your own energy in any given moment……….
    If we all make different, small choices, we can all make big changes

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    Life Choices

    As I visited a recent entrepreneur’s event, the topic of Life Choices emerged. One presenter noted a simple fact: there are countries…

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    The Power of Words

    remember more good can come of this than bad…….be careful with our words for in them we hold the power of life and love.

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    What is Chi?

    How does one explain energy? We cannot see it with our naked eyes, tho we can easily see the effects of it….

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    About Moms

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner – this year it’s Sunday, May 13! What a wonderful day. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the gift of life, and the woman gave us the entry into this world.

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    Fur-friends and Fitness

    Let’s talk about Fur-Friends and Fitness! I have added a new puppy to my fur-friends-family. Sadie is a beautiful, 12 week old, golden doodle. She loves to be outside. The wonderful mid-50’s and low 60’s weather of late March beckoned us for walks several times a day.