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Are you Vibrant?


Vibrant: What does that mean? In everything we say and do, there is energy and that energy has a frequency of vibration. Vibrant is a term usually associated with a person that has positive, infectious energy – their energy makes you feel good! Although, as we learn from Tom, it can have other meanings as well!

However, our busy lifestyles leave us feeling depleted. Positive energy is a challenge some days, yet remaining vibrant is critical for being happy and healthy.

When my daughter was a baby, we were moving all over the country with work. Life was hectic to say the least. Both my husband and I were in jobs that made us highly visible to the public, and there were always people around us. So much energy output. I could very quickly become drained and depressed.

Intuitively, I knew I had to work at my energy. I’d literally set an alarm and force myself to get up before everyone else in the house. I needed quiet time for what I call ‘devotion’. Yes, on some days I made it to my chair and fell back asleep, but at least I made it to my chair. The will to be dedicated was there.

Truth be told, there were days I just wanted to sit in the chair and focus on all that was worrying me. Life was overwhelming. Discipline! I had to start my day with feeding my heart.

Playing music in the background always uplifted me. I chose reading material that encouraged me, spurring on my faith and belief — in myself, in people, in life. I’d journal. Writing was, and still is, a release for me. Journaling helps me work out things in my head.

Write it down, and then put it down. Literally, lay it down and walk away.

So, whatever few moments you can grab by yourself, feed your heart first thing.

Then, be be mindful for how you feed your body through the day!

When you tend the garden of your heart, and feed the garden of your body, both work together to give abundantly.

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