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Stimulants vs Supplements, Part II


Remember Part 1 of our watercooler conversation on stimulants versus supplements? Well were back again! This time talking about over-reliance, moderation and coaching! What’s your take? Do you rely more heavily on supplements? Or stimulants?

What are signs of over-reliance on a stimulant?

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Chris says quickly, “At my age, too much caffeine will give me the jitters, make me cranky, and keeps me up half the night!”

Rebecca laughs, “It’s that unhealthy buzz…”

“Yes, but…” Cody offers, “I’m a small business owner and creative designer. Work life and family balance just aren’t a thing!” He laughs, “It’s true. I’m just saying…I often end up trying to catch up late at night or in the wee morning hours. I’m challenged by finding that extra push of energy and managing crashes.”

Maylo remembers, “Decades ago, when I was dancing, stimulants were part of the norm. Dancers are often encouraged to take diet pills or other stimulants to maintain crazy-low weight levels, but still have the energy to dance for 8-10 hours at a time.” She’s quick to add, “I think it’s all about understanding what you are taking and how much you consume in a day. Our stress levels already fatigue our adrenal glands. You have to be careful.”

“In healthcare services, we are trained to look for warning signs,”
says Michelle. “A person will demonstrate mental changes, such as being volatile, bursts of anger or paranoia. And, there are true physical signs, too, like nervousness, gastric problems, heart palpitations. Legal or illegal, emergency rooms see a lot of unhealthy effects of stimulants.”

Tom is quick to add, “If you are asking ‘am I over-relying on stimulants?’, I feel like you already know the answer!” Everyone laughs, and he adds, “But, really, look at the typical signs. Do I need another cup of coffee on a relaxed day?”

How do you work with clients that are burning the candle of both ends?

“A lot of my clients are full-time employees and parents, which means life is a chaotic hot mess,” says Tom. . “There are times where we need to concede our ‘me’ time, but get back on track quickly. There will always be a recoil. The longer and harder we push one way, the further the whiplash will be…”

“I see it all of the time in entrepreneurial businesses. Entrepreneurs push themselves into super-human state, which can lead to a vicious cycle of lots of coffee in the morning to rev-up, and then a couple of drinks at dinner to shut down,” says Rebecca. “Before you know it, what was pushing them into heightened performance begins to pull them down in productivity and focus. Life is a marathon not a sprint!”

“And, I see it with kids,” says Chris. “Families need to strive for 3 simple basics! Eat right. Exercise. and Fun, all in moderation.

Michelle offers, “Consider alternatives. Working in healthcare means you are all about other people, it requires a lot of energy. I find a good workout at the end of the day is my best defense for fatigue and burnout. More doctor’s need to recommend that extra bit of exercise goes a long way…”

Maylo suggests, “I tell my clients to strive for balance. Consider healthy supplements, nutrition and lifestyle.”

We invite you to weight in!  What do you think?

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