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Let’s talk Pelvic Floor…


How do you lead into a topic about pelvic floor health in America without raising eyebrows or turning people off from the conversation? As a trainer, we tend to use the words “Core” more often, but there are many layers to that.

In short, about 10 years ago I began looking for a more effective methodology in training clients. I struggled with my own low back and knee injury because my own man stretching recovery was not happening effectively.

I hit a brick wall with researching from my usual sources. Then, I took a course on the pelvic floor from Christina Christie, creator of the Pelvicore Ball. Finally, she had a lot of answers to the questions I had been forming due to the inconsistent nature of my back. I also found that the “Pelvic Floor” is a lot bigger topic that can impact anyone.

Now, it serves as a foundation for my client’s training programs, ranging from a 9 year old swimmer, a 26 year old Marine Pilot, to a 85 year old hip/knee replacement. Prenatal to postnatal, this device has enabled me to help a wide variety of clients in a number of ways.

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