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Back & Hip Pain: 8 Tips from a Personal Story


Back and hip pain ranks #3 for why people over 50 go to the doctor. And, like so many, I had begun experiencing lower back and right hip pain a couple of years ago.

I went to my doctor, many times. After a long evaluation, labs and testing period, nothing could be identified to treat.

How could that be? I was in a lot of pain…burning sensations during the day and waking up at night in pain.

One day, my daughter pushed fervently — exercise and diet! Honestly, I thought she was wrong. I knew I was out of shape, but I genuinely felt it was just me getting old. To that, she rolled her eyes, walked away, but persisted.

That Christmas, I got a VivoFit. She insisted that I log all of my meals on MyFitnessPal (great App!). And, she proceeded to test me!

She is a great kid…the results weren’t just bad, they were horrible. I can offer a number of excuses, but it really doesn’t matter. It wasn’t a miraculous discovery, followed a fantastic recovery. Rather, a pathetic acknowledgment, followed by two years of hard work and commitment.

The result? I’m in less pain…each day, at night and during activities.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Commit to flexibility and strength exercise. Start slow.  I hated where I was at physically. But, I started with a simple stretching class.
  2. Find new cardio routines. What worked in my 30s and 40s doesn’t work now. Low impact, short duration in the beginning. I still do low impact, but for longer durations.
  3. Accept encouragement. It’s is hard work! I needed others to help me stay motivated, especially in the beginning.
  4. Engage help, but be picky. I’ve decided that I will only work with professionals that will really listen and guide me, based on who I am.
  5. Eat well, before exercising. This has been the most difficult transformation. For my body to respond, I have to eat protein! And, I make sure plenty of fruits and vegetables in my meals.
  6. Listen to your body. Maylo says, “move, check-in…push to the edge, and then back off.” I’m learning to re-discover the boundaries of my strength, flexibility and endurance – each day.
  7. Cut out sugary drinks, alcohol and smoking! Each of these substances works against your progress.
  8. Consult your doctor along the way. It’s been rocky, and I had a lot of questions. Waking up your body is tough. I asked for labs and discussed what I was feeling. Is it a problem or just a sign of having worked out?

For more discovery, Google Pain Cycle…chose which one fits you!

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