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World Health Day! 5 Steps You Can Take


What can you do for World Health Day? Here are 5 Steps that can make a difference for yourself and someone else.

Let’s take Diabetes for example.  Did you know the world diabetes rates have nearly doubled since 1980?

Whaaat? Diabetes is a disease that most people can avoid through healthy eating and exercise!

At a minimum, you can change your own life. Better yet, change the lives of your kids! And, all of us can influence a parent, friend or colleague.

Consider these 5 Steps:

  1. For one day, count the number of grams of sugar that you consume. Maybe create a MyFitnessPal challenge for your family on sugar consumption.
  2. Challenge yourself to a minimum of 30 mins of exercise every day.
  3. Pack a healthy, but incredibly tasty, lunch for your kids – and one extra to share with a friend.
  4. Next time at the grocery store, count the number of items in the cart with abnormally high amounts of sugar.
  5. Unload and reload! Replace what you put in your grocery cart with healthier choices.

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