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Seva, one of our most basic needs


There is a practice in Yoga called “Seva”.

A great definition of Seva can be found on the Mindbodygreen website, should you choose to learn a little bit more about it.

For my Seva, I chose to serve an organization based out of Kansas City called Unbound. An incredible group of people who roam all over the world helping to break the bonds of extreme poverty.

I would encourage anyone to go to their website and peruse the children and regions that they are serving.

After almost five years of volunteering for this organization, they gifted me with a trip to Guatemala.

Nobody could have known when they presented me with this trip that my husband would pass away a few months later. As a result,  I decided to go to Guatemala and find another widow to sponsor, love and serve.

My whole point here is that we all have much deeper, basic needs than just food, water and a place to live.

We are built for connection. For community. For love.

We are here to love and to be loved. Even someone living so far away, basically in the jungle, with what we would consider nothing but extreme poverty, smiles when she holds her children and dreams of a better life. I found a woman so far away who was grieving in the very same way that I was, and because

of that shared experience, we connected. I spent time in the homes of these Mayan people and saw all that they did not have. But I also saw community.

I saw deeply connected families!

I saw that without things, there are only relationships!

And we are built for those.

All of this, because I chose to give my time away and serve a group. Maybe, we could all grow or heal and fill up just a bit more if everyone could serve someone?

Even a small gesture can open up a whole world.


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