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To Serve, To Heal: A Mission Trip to Guatemala


How can we ever really know what a new day is going to bring us? Only months ago, I suffered the loss of the person that I was sharing my life with. In the very midst of deep grief, I somehow, through love and generosity, found myself on a yoga mat, on a rooftop, in San Lucas, Guatemala. My life has forever changed in a single moment.

So many times, I climbed the stairs to get to this view. To be quiet in this place and find that still, small voice of love that guides me…that comforts me.

For little over a week I moved through this land, and I was met by life, by dignity and friendship at every turn.

By the children who, in anticipation of our arrival, made little purses to place over our heads as we came to greet them. They stood to cheer, smile and clap as we walked into the building. Each home I visited had been painstakingly covered with pine needles so our feet would be honored as we entered. Homes that had been decorated with vines and balloons for our visit. By families with such grace and power.


Most of these homes are without fathers, the mothers left to raise the children in extreme poverty and hardship. But they do! They raise them so well. They are strong and resilient people. With the help of Unbound, so many find the will to learn how to raise pigs and chickens, weave, bead, and somehow make a living to feed and support their large families.

Thru some of their children are given scholarships and sent to school to become accountants, teachers, social workers and more. They are given a chance at life.

In this visit, I found my old self on the water. I found rest, with no crying! I found that life is all around me at every moment offering all of its deep lessons. I felt love.

Most surprising, I found a dear friend in a fellow widow from a different land, and armloads of children to fill the newly cut out space in my heart.

We need each other! Not just here online, but in person. We need each other in the sunshine, on the water, on the land, in our homes and in our hearts.

We are given this life, and none of us know for how long. What are you waiting for? Even in grief we can find grace. We can extend grace, friendship and help. And, I have learned that through service and grace extended to others, even in the midst of your own suffering, you will heal.

…….Dedicated to my dearest friends at Unbound in Kansas City. I am forever changed and blessed by you.






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