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Fur-friends and Fitness


Let’s talk about Fur-Friends and Fitness! I have added a new puppy to my fur-friends-family. Sadie is a beautiful, 12 week old, golden doodle. She loves to be outside. The wonderful mid-50’s and low 60’s weather of late March beckoned us for walks several times a day. Even my older shipoo Toby was enjoying the strolls around the community.

Then, just like the old comic books, WHAM, POW, BAM! Nor’easter delivered a right hook this April. Back inside we go–for several days.

I’m now reminded how much weather effects our fitness. Toby, as a small dog, can get plenty of energy expended by playing catch inside, but Sadie is another story. She has so much energy, and she needs to move. She is only 18lbs right now. But, her energy clearly points to the future of a 40lb, vibrant 1 yr old.

It got me to thinking, how much exercise will she need in the future? And, if I matched my exercise to hers, am I increasing my routine, staying about the same, or decreasing it?

Bowser, wowser! All of a sudden, a local KC company by the name of Fitbark makes perfect sense. I learned about them nearly a year ago. It’s a young, emerging tech company targeting dog fitness. Similar to a Fitbit for humans, the Fitbark tracks the activities of Sadie.

A tracking device with cloud analytics allows owners to understand pet exercise. But, basic activity isn’t all it does. The company has now collected a wealth of behavior data about dogs and shares with its users. It provides owners with guidance based on age and breed.

Fitness isn’t just about my health, but for my fur-friends-family, too! Check it out:

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