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What Makes a Well Being?


What makes a Well Being?  There is a lot of talk about Wellness. But, for me, the question is really, what makes a Well Being?
• Nutritional Balance
• Work/play Balance
• Exercise/Rest Balance
• Contemplations/Inspiration Balance
• Energetically Balance
• Financially Balance

So, the obvious in all is BALANCE!

Each of these elements of Well Being are segregated – people, places and activities. And, those that teach each element of Well Being, teach just one piece, and often don’t even recognize it’s a small part of the whole.

People can get stuck! Even in trying to be WELL, you can get off balance! A hyper-focus on one aspect of wellness can completely dismantle all the work and investment, because of not tending to the other areas.

We are not simply bodies…nor are we simply minds.

We are mind-body energetic beings. Energy has to flow within us, around us. And, we require BALANCE!

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