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Too much heat!


Heat on Heat!  What is Ayurveda and how can it help?

As we edge in towards end of summer and the temperatures soar, I can sense the heat fatigue all around me. Parents are ready for the kids to go back to school, drivers seem to be agitated and impatient, everything feels crowded and hot and sticky.

As someone who lives with a compromised immune system, I have become very sensitive to imbalances in my body. I have a strong will and a good fire in my belly, which in Ayurveda is what we might refer to as a Pitta constitution. We are in Pitta season, so that basically adds up to too much internal heat…Pitta on Pitta…too much Pitta!

I can see it in my face, the little rash starting to show up on my cheeks. I can feel the fatigue in my muscles, the subtle throbbing of inflamed joint begins…it shows up in many different ways.

My partner at work, Jodi Novicoff, is trained in yoga therapy and Ayurveda. She, by the way, is spectacular! I am so very lucky to have access to someone so knowledgeable. So, here is what I propose.

If you are at all interested in learning more about Ayurveda, just the basics, what it is and how it works, I am going to meet with Jodi and allow her to take me thru a simple program to bring more balance to my overheated self.

Join us live on Facebook, or join the Meetup!  If you can’t be live, then you can review.  Our Videos will be available here on Your Wellness Spot.  Learn with me, as I interview her about Ayurveda. Maybe you will pick up a few tips and hacks to help bring down the heat in your own life.

So stayed tuned…….and check in. You may just find one or two small things that will change the way you feel.

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