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Permission to play for work


Permission to Play for Work!  Work/play balance…I can already hear you rolling your eyes.

I get it! I, too, must put in crazy hours at the studio. And, when I get home, I’m really NOT home. There are sequences to write, themes to work on and it just never ends. And, I no longer have kids. Throw that in them mix…WOW!

Living is expensive, so we must work — trade our time for money.

But, I have found that it is my attitude about work that helps me bring the work/play into balance.

I ACTUALLY GIVE myself permission to play at work!

If I start my day off grumbling because “it’s Monday and I have to go back to work…” I begin the spiral into fatigue before I even have made it to Tuesday.

Instead, I truly feel that I’m blessed. I love my job! (I do know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to say that.) But, if I have to work so many hours to make ends meet, that I have to find a way to make it worth doing.

Even when doing exactly what I want to be doing for work – because I actually do LOVE being a YOGA TEACHER — I must be intentional in choosing my thoughts. It is a rigorous, exhausting, bring your full game everyday, kind of job!!!

Here’s how I do it…”I am so lucky to have a good job”, ”another opportunity to make some money and provide for myself”, or “how incredible that I’ve been offered this challenge…”

Simply working on changing my outlook, my approach to work and giving myself permission to be ‘playful’ in my heart, brings actual play into my work.

Here’s the thing, too! Play brings positive interaction with my co-workers and my boss and work…and, soon work becomes a place we either want to be…or maybe not so bad after all.

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