About Us

You’ve heard the statement, ‘Change is the only constant…” Now more than ever, it seems to be true.

Our world is moving at lightning speed. Our time is stretched in every direction. Our relationships are always under pressure to remain flexible and resilient. We play so many roles and put on so many faces throughout the day, it is no wonder that it is difficult to keep up the pace.

Some of us don’t eat well. Many of us don’t sleep well. All of us spend way too much time on phones and computers. For so many, this fast race that we call life has left us depleted. Not just lacking something, but lacking many things.

Your Wellness Spot is about taking a moment for you!

We strive to offer topics and products that reinvigorate your spiritual, emotional and energy needs — the very basic essentials in life.

Our team recognizes that life is a journey, one worthy of sharing. We have set out to find interesting topics to write about and unique products to share. We hope that you find something special at Your Wellness Spot.

If even for just a brief moment, we hope you find happiness and feel invigorated. Possibly, over time, we can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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Your Wellness Spot Team