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  • Cancer, Karen

    Let’s change the approach for Cancer Treatment

    90% of National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Centers providing clinical care do not include links to cancer rehabilitation services on their websites! In 2017, there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed in the US, and we know the current health care system in America is challenged to meet the needs of the increasing number of cancer survivors.

    The first thing most people do when they have been diagnosed with a condition is search the internet. Both patients with a cancer diagnosis and their family members search for information to educate themselves about the disease and the recommended treatment options. They need additional information about their cancer diagnosis on top of that given to them by the healthcare staff. The greatest information need is related to how cancer will affect their day-to-day life. Healthcare staff should provide patients with advice about reliable websites.

    Health professionals can diagnose and treat patients’ physical, psychological, and cognitive impairments to help them maintain or restore function, reduce common side effects, retain independence and improve a cancer survivors’ quality of life. Health professional services are cost-effective and are known to reduce both direct and indirect health care costs, thereby reducing the enormous financial burden of cancer. However, most cancer care delivery models do not include cancer rehabilitation into their oncology care service. Research has shown 90% of national leading cancer centers do not represent cancer rehabilitation services care methods on their websites.

    A study to evaluate the existence of and quality of patient-related cancer rehabilitation published in the Journal of Cancer Education 2017 discovered 90% of National Cancer Institute Designated Cancer Centers providing clinical care do not include links to cancer rehabilitation services on their websites. Furthermore, 70% of theses websites overlooked the opportunity to present a description of cancer rehabilitation services.

    We need to integrate cancer rehabilitation care models into oncology care from the point of diagnosis, incorporating evidence-based rehabilitation clinical assessment tools, and include health professionals in shared decision-making so we can provide high-quality cancer care.

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    Weight Loss Survey

    What’s up with this weight loss thing? I admit it! I’m feeling a bit discouraged. I’ve been struggling to take off those few extra pounds for months now.

    Admittedly, I’m a crazy, go it alone, DIY’er, nature knows best…kind of person. But, when the pounds didn’t melt off, I decided to get help. Well, the pounds still aren’t melting off!!!!

    One day, a friend and I were chatting. Why? Why has it been so hard?

    #FeelingDiscouraged #WantingSmallerMe

    Let’s share! It’s 10 easy questions and you receive a FREE gift!

    No gimmick! This is not an attempt to sell a weight loss plan.
    I genuinely want to know what’s working for others.

    Fill out my online form.

  • Mindfulness, Rebecca

    Life Choices

    As I visited a recent entrepreneur’s event, the topic of Life Choices emerged. One presenter noted a simple fact: there are countries around the world where most important decisions in a person’s life are made by others.  The statement created a moment of pause — a bit sobering.

    How really and truly blessed we are in this country!

    We hold an incredible core belief in our right to destiny — to manage our own Life Choices, in the pursuit of happiness.

    But, how many of us really do that?  Do we make active Life Choices, or do we allow life circumstances to force us into actions that may or may not be of our choice?

    Life Choices are, at times, largely a leap of faith — actions taken on feelings, hunches or intuition. It’s a given we will make mistakes when we are young — for all kinds of reasons. But, with age, we should have a better sense of ourselves, what makes us happy, what fulfills us.  Hopefully, we can say we’ve learned to evaluate advantages and consequences of our choices and begin employing a certain wisdom in Life Choices.

    Again, how many of us really do that?  And, if not, why?

    Life is so short!  Having command over our Life Choices carries a deep responsibility to find happiness.  And, maybe more importantly, prepare our children for honoring the right to define our Life Choices!

    We can all find a crutch, an excuse or even someone to blame for poor life choices. And, all of us, at some point in our life, have done just that. Yet, what could we achieve, if we’d fully accept the blessing and the responsibility of our Life Choices?  How far could each of us go?

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    Fur-friends and Fitness

    Let’s talk about Fur-Friends and Fitness! I have added a new puppy to my fur-friends-family. Sadie is a beautiful, 12 week old, golden doodle. She loves to be outside. The wonderful mid-50’s and low 60’s weather of late March beckoned us for walks several times a day.

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