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    Emilie’s French Teas

    Emilie’s French Teas! More than a cup of tea — it’s an experience in wellness.

    I met Emilie at a trade show. I was in the midst of chaos — lots of people trying to fit in a small area. Emilie is just one of those women that has a presence — fun, kind, warm and graceful. She handed me her card with an invitation for a cup of tea.

    I remember thinking, “I don’t think I’ve ever had an invitation for a cup of tea!” As quickly as we met, she was gone.

    Many weeks later, I ran upon her card. It had been a bit of a tough week with several business disappointments. Emilie’s warm invitation came to mind. I decided to visit.

    Not to disappoint, Emilie warmly greeted me with a tour. We walked through the tea room, and then made our way into the holistic center. Emilie and her husband Alex work together. Emilie shares her passion for tea and herbal medicine. She runs the tea room and greets the public. Alex has a thriving clientele seeking holistic healing. We talked about the Maya principles for healing and various services, products and special events they hold at the center.

    As we returned to the Tea Room, Emilie asked what I liked in tea. I said I could really use a pick-me up. What a wonderful and brisk cup of tea!  But, much more to my surprise, she sat with me and we talked. What I thought would be a 30 min visit, became a newly forming friendship that lasted more than an hour.

    Emilie and I shared life stories, future aspirations and business. We chatted about “wellness”. How to define it? How to find it? We agreed, it begins with finding ways to connect and be open to new things. Emilie shared her childhood in France, and her belief that tea allows people to connect. She spoke of the far-away lands and how she met her wonderful husband, and all surrounded a cup of tea. It made me smile!

    Sometimes its the simple things that make us well.

    Emilie’s French Tea Room is located at 8131 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO.





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    World Health Day! 5 Steps You Can Take

    What can you do for World Health Day? Here are 5 Steps that can make a difference for yourself and someone else.

    Let’s take Diabetes for example.  Did you know the world diabetes rates have nearly doubled since 1980?

    Whaaat? Diabetes is a disease that most people can avoid through healthy eating and exercise!

    At a minimum, you can change your own life. Better yet, change the lives of your kids! And, all of us can influence a parent, friend or colleague.

    Consider these 5 Steps:

    1. For one day, count the number of grams of sugar that you consume. Maybe create a MyFitnessPal challenge for your family on sugar consumption.
    2. Challenge yourself to a minimum of 30 mins of exercise every day.
    3. Pack a healthy, but incredibly tasty, lunch for your kids – and one extra to share with a friend.
    4. Next time at the grocery store, count the number of items in the cart with abnormally high amounts of sugar.
    5. Unload and reload! Replace what you put in your grocery cart with healthier choices.
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    Bringing back fun with board games!

    Remember the days of board games? Do kids these days even know about them?  I decided to do some research with my own kids to find out how we can ‘turn off the tech‘–get away from tv, cell phones, social media.  I just want to spend a fun afternoon playing with my kids.

    An oldie but a goodie: Cards!  There are a lot of fun card games out there. My old fav is Uno. It has been updated a few times, and my kids and I love it. Another one of my daughter’s favorites, believe it or not, is Old Maid. There is just so much laughing and excitement that it creates. Go fish and Skip-Bo are a few others that can be a lot of fun.

    Board games are a bit more challenging. I had to dig them out of the closet.  I dusted them off and was able to find several that I used to love to play when I was young. Life, Sorry, Clue, Risk and of course Monopoly. We had so much fun back then!

    I gathered my kids up, and started the Game of Life. Its an older version. You basically have to put the board together and get the wheel on straight, but my kids really enjoyed spinning,  moving their cars around the board, collecting their cards and money as they went. Of course as a Mom, I’m trying to incorporate a few real world vs Life, as a board game, along the way.

    Next up, Sorry! Choosing your favorite color pieces, rolling the dice, moving around the board, and trying to be the first one to get all of their pieces back to their “home”. Mine is a Disney version, but its basically the same as the original Sorry.

    Finally, can’t leave it out, Clue! Who did the deed?  The suspense of a crime committed, in what room, with what weapon?  How much fun!  We laughed and chatted as we found our way through the mansion looking for clues?

    So, where do we get board games any more? There are a few you can still get at Walmart, Target… or better yet, Amazon! But, most of us have a few sitting on a shelf collecting dust. The real truth, board games have taken a backseat to video games and electronic devices. There’s just something very different about family relationships formed over a great board game!

    With summer break coming, and the old familiar ‘we have nothing to do!’,  maybe its time to dig them out, dust them off and show the kiddos a new kind of fun!   Make a few memories playing Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Battleship and other games that we all grew up enjoying.

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    Turn Off the Tech

    Turn Off the Tech!  Have you noticed how much of our lives we have given to the tech world?

    The average American spends $2,300/year on technology.  That’s $191.64/mo. If you are a family of four with teenagers, thats $766.68/mo or slightly less, but who’s counting?  If that doesn’t tell the story, maybe nothing will.

    It’s not just in dollars, but also in time.  Count 116 minutes!  That’s the number most American’s use per day on social media, according to SocialMediaToday.

    In both time and money, we’ve quit living!   I’m not suggesting that you shut off the devices forever, but the balance has definitely tipped.  (Gosh, I once owned a healthcare tech company!)

    Bottom line, technology is not the goal.  It should not be our sole form of entertainment.  Technology should be about convenience and efficiency.  The goal is to create more time for healthy activities in our lives through technology.

    Recently, I decided to change my life around.  It wasn’t radical, but I decided to review how I was using my time and money.

    I shut off the TVs on the weekends and canceled a few subscriptions.  Wallah, spontaneity!  I’ve found my life has become more interesting.

    It made me want to ride my horse more.  I want to take more walks, and my dog loves it!  We loved it so much, I’ve decided to add to our family of fur-members.  Friends hear from me to grab lunch.  My evenings are spent socializing – business or pleasure – it doesn’t matter.  I agreed to have our family reunion and then took a few trips.

    Equally, I found there were technologies that I really enjoy.  For example, Echo with Alexa by Amazon.  I absolutely love streaming music.  I’m enjoying going through my old CDs and compiling Playlists.  I also enjoy MyFitnessPal.  I’m finding that I need the encouragement to eat right every day.

    So, what could you do with more time and money?  Are you spending both the way you’d like?

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