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    Having Enough to Live and Give

    Like so many other people that I know, I seem to keep spreading myself too thin.  I try to be everything to everyone.

    I am very quick to help, in whatever way I can.  “Yes, I will be there” are out of my mouth, before I can think it through.

    Yet, when it comes to myself, I withhold.  My mind firing, “it can wait”, ”I can go another day without it” or ”I simply don’t have the time or resources”.

    Some time ago, I began to ask, why?  Why do I give to others more than I will give to myself?  Why do I always come last, in every list of To-Dos?

    Here is what my meditation offered back.  In order to give to others, I have to live with joy and balance within me.  I must learn to give to others with the wisdom of being kind to me, too.

    Here are 5 simple gifts for me…

    The gift of exercise.  It’s plain physics.  A body in motion stays in motion.  I don’t have to workout for two hours every day. But, if I can get a walk in, get outside for fresh air, a little bit of cardio and some stretches to get the kinks out, I will have more energy to give to others.

    The gift of meditation.  My quiet practice began with a timer set for five minutes.  It took no time at all for this foundational practice to swell to at least an hour every day.  I look forward to centering within myself, which allows me to offer freely to others.

    The gift of pace.  This was a tough one, but I have to manage my calendar.  And, I find I need to step back and revisit this one throughout the year.  Just because there is a line for every hour of the day in my appointment book, doesn’t mean that I have to fill it!

    The gift of resources.  Budget creep is a killer.  Re-evaluating where I’m spending is important for me to be free to move each day, literally.  I am convinced happiness is knowing the difference between my needs and my wants, and exercising each with wisdom.

    The gift of positive thinking.  This is a big one.  Pay attention to who and what are the energetic vampires in life.  In yoga, it’s called “checking the downward pull”.  It can be watching too much negativity on television or spending too much time around negative people.  I find the biggest downward pull though, is the voice in my own brain!  To give energy to others, I must stop stealing from myself.

    Giving to me means having enough to give to others.

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    Your Quiet Place

    I have been turning off the radio in my car these days. I started doing this because I am in front of quite a number of people all day, every day. When I get home, there are people wanting dinner, watching TV, talking about their day. It feels so chaotic. (You busy mothers out there know what it is like to not have one moment that isn’t filled with talking or some sort of chaos.)

    Just giving myself those moments in my car has made a huge difference for me. I’ve always been drawn to quiet, but now I am learning that constant noise, even if it is a soft white noise, has a negative response to the nervous system. Studies have shown that it can even affect your hormones. Wow! Something as habitual as turning the radio on every time you get in the car can be contributing to your fatigue!
    So, your quiet place. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Find rest and stillness in any small place that you can throughout the day…it adds up!

    Take a moment in the car, and just listen to silence. Get up a few minutes early, and sit in your armchair before the chatter begins. Find a sunny window and enjoy your tea in the morning. You get the benefits of sun and quiet! Or, read a little bit before bed.
    When you take the time to turn off the chatter…to come to a still place in your surroundings, you are giving your nerves a break. Set a space aside…even if it is “just your car”. It does not need to be Zen or fancy, it only needs to be quiet. Make a point of ‘bathing’ in quiet a little bit each day. You may be surprised by how much better you feel.

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    Love, Joy and Your Thought Life – Part 2

    Hello! My name is Maylo Anderson.

    You do not know me, but I think about you often. It may sound silly, but I think about everyone out there who is doing their very best to do more and be more.

    I am a Yoga teacher, and I love people. I want everyone to be happy and whole. I live on hope and optimism. But the reality is that, especially these days, people are not happy and whole. Many are angry, bitter and exhausted. It feels like everyone spends so much time arguing, and if we aren’t arguing, we are watching others argue. It has become easy to start each day with a heavy heart and to lose sight of the sincere gift of life.

    Mindfulness. Positivity. We know, we know….change our attitude…blah blah blah.

    Easier said than done. Why?

    Happiness doesn’t just happen. Being positive is work. Our attitude each day is choice…how we think, what we think about, is a choice.

    We are encouraged to choose joy and love, but most every channel and page we see and hear is ‘this’ against ‘that’. Fear and anger. We must take inventory of what we allow IN our minds. What we see, hear, and yes, who we keep company with each day. It is near impossible to make a positive change in our thinking while surrounding ourselves with negative input.

    So, here we are. I’m Maylo. How very nice to meet you!

    Let’s start this month of Love and Joy redefining who we are and how we feel. Let’s take all that is heavy, all that was difficult and painful and turn it into something else.

    Clear the space! Take charge!

    Our past has not defined us, it has equipped us. As we gather those around us that encourage us, and we change what we see, hear and do, we redefine our story.

    We heal. We find more balance and joy, and as a result, we have more space for love.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    The Perfect Green Smoothie + A Protein Packed Twist

    If you’ve ever blended a quick smoothie on-the-go, or Googled the perfect green smoothie, odds are you’ve heard of the gals over at Simple Green Smoothies. But, if this is a new journey for you, or you’re looking for our Protein Packed Twist, you’ve come to the right place! So here it is… Simple Green Smoothie’s Beginners Luck smoothie, plus our Protein bonus including Whey of Life Protein Powder. Because of its flavorless quality, you can add this powder to any drink, smoothie or food for an added protein punch.

    Spoiler Alert ** Keep reading after the recipe for another time-saving healthy idea! 

    Beginners Luck Green Smoothie + Our Protein Boost

    The Beginner's Luck Green Smoothie is a great beginner friendly green smoothie. It's full of iron, potassium and vitamins galore— AND tastes like a tropical treat from all the island fruit. 

    Course Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Snack
    Cuisine Smoothie
    Prep Time 2 minutes
    Cook Time 3 minutes
    Total Time 5 minutes
    Servings 1
    Calories 277 kcal


    • 1 cup fresh spinach
    • 1 cup water
    • .5 cup pineapple*
    • .5 cup mango*
    • 1 banana peeled
    • 1/4 cup Vanilla (or flavorless) Protein Powder


    1. Place spinach and water in blender. Puree until smooth.

    2. Add fruit and blend again.

    Recipe Notes

    *Use at least one frozen fruit to make the smoothie cold or serve over ice.

    No time to blend up a quick smoothie? That’s okay, get 1/2 your daily fruits and veggies in a tasty shot! Balance your busy schedule with healthy choices and take control with Life Equals – Balance Superfood Shot!

    Balance Superfood Crop

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    Hit Your Back to School Groove with Good Nutrition!

    back to school easierHi Everyone! August is here and that means it’s officially back to school season. I don’t know about you but I always have mixed emotions with this time of year. I am sad to see summer coming to an end, happy for the routine of school, and anxious about getting organized enough to start the year off right. As I was doing research for products this month I was trying to find things that will make my life easier and I think I found them. These wonderful products are going to make my back to school year a breeze and I hope they will make yours too.

    Let’s start with the most important part. YOU! If your mind isn’t working at its best then you can bet the house will fall apart in a hurry. The Lift Caps from Life Priority are something that gets me through most days. Lift caps were designed to fire up your brain naturally and jump start your day. Lift Caps contain important ingredients for making and using noradrenaline, which is the brain’s version of adrenaline and an important neurotransmitter used to transmit information. Taking two of these caps in the morning when I first get up are what I found to help me have the mental power to make sure everyone has what they need to leave the house for school and start the day. It also provides me the mental power to concentrate on getting my “to-do” list done while they kids are off at school.

    The other product I found to be a must have this year is the FlatBox-LunchBoxes. These lunch boxes are amazing because they not only store your food and keep it cold but they unzip and fold out into a nice clean placemat. Did I mention germs is one of my least favorite things about going back to school?! With these FlatBox lunch boxes you don’t have to worry about the germs on the table from all the kids who ate there before. These lunchboxes come in two sizes regular and large. This way if you have older kids that need one they are set but also have little ones you don’t have to worry about one being too small for the older kids and one being too big for the smaller kids, you can get the perfect size for each.

    Finally, I couldn’t choose the Flatbox-LunchBox and not choose the four multi-colored ice packs that fit perfectly inside the lunchboxes. Food safety is just as important as the food you put into your kids lunchbox so I thought this was the perfect pick to compliment my back-to-school products. Your kids will love these too because they aren’t your standard blue ice-pack they come in fun bright colors like pink, green, blue and green.

    I hope you enjoy the three picks this month as much as I do! Happy back to school season and good luck Moms and Dads!

    ~ Carrie

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    Upgrade Your Life… FlatBox Your Lunch!

    5620 FlatboxHave you looked at your lunchbox lately? I mean, have you REALLY looked at it?

    Lunchboxes take on a lot of beating. Even after a single day of school or camp dirt can be visible on lunchboxes. Kids are notorious about putting their lunchboxes on the floor or throwing them down on the grass at the playground. We adults may also place our food carrying containers on dirty surfaces, or occasionally may encounter a spill sauce or a smashed banana.

    It’s back to school, so let’s focus on our kids!

    According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona, the germiest place in a school building is the cafeteria table. While working as an elementary school teacher, and a mom of three kids this really made me wonder. Why is that? Why is the cafeteria table the germiest place in a school? After an extended research, I realized that there are actually two reasons for this. Most conventional lunchboxes are not machine washable, and cafeteria tables are not cleaned properly and regularly. So this made me wonder….Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lunchbox that is machine washable and could easily convert to a placemat to serve as a shield against dirty surfaces? We beautifully prepare a healthy lunch for our kids and then place that food in dirty lunchboxes? And then, even worse, they eat it at a filthy, germ infested cafeteria table? We have a problem, to which there was no solution, yet!

    Until we designed the FlatBox®! The patented revolutionary lunchbox that won the International Housewares Show’s Innovation Award! What sets the FlatBox® apart from any other lunchbox in the world are the following:

    • Materials: The FlatBox® is made out of two layers of thick neoprene (wet suit material) which makes the FlatBox® very well insulated. In between the layers we added more insulation to ensure food will stay cold. The FlatBox® is BPA and phthalates free.
    • Converts to a placemat: By unzipping the four zippers on the FlatBox® it immediately transforms to a placemat to provide a clean surface. This barrier serves as an added protection against germs for those who have a suppressed immune system. It also reduces the risk of cross contamination which is beneficial for those who suffer from food allergies.
    • Machine washable: Neoprene is literally indestructible. Just unzip the sides and throw the FlatBox in the washing machine. No more corner and crevice to try and scrub anymore. The FlatBox always comes out clean. Just air dry and it’s ready to go!
    • Stores flat: Unzip, fold and store. The FlatBox is a super space saver. Several FlatBoxes can fit in one single kitchen drawer.
    • Easy to use: No matter if you are 2 or 92, the FlatBox is super easy to use and it is suitable for all ages.

    So if you are one of millions of Americans purchasing a lunchbox this back to school, give the FlatBox® a try, join the movement, and FlatBox Your Lunch    —— Written by Rita Floyd-Vester