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    Like a Lotus Blossom

    Like a Lotus Blossom, muck and mud in life can bring beauty and joy…

    This morning I took my coffee outside to sit on a bench by the pond. Like a montage set on a loop, my whole life began to roll thru me. This is what happens when you set time aside to be still.

    The Soul knows what needs to rise up and be seen! A private moment where I could allow every blue and pink and red memory to spin inside of my chest like some watercolor masterpiece. A quiet moment where I could allow myself to feel it all.

    Then, I noticed an almost imperceptible movement. A Lotus blossom just beginning to open in the morning sun. I sat and watched as she slowly opened petal after petal and offered her nectar to the bees who gently landed on her before she was even finished. The Lotus behind her, still beautiful, but already spent. She will drop her petals soon.

    With memory and surrender still rolling inside of my chest…it all began to connect and blend. The energy of this moment…the offering in this moment…this time of life.

    I am aware that I was the only person on the planet who was watching this display. A private show. I am also aware that the Lotus blooms in the muck and the mud. She is not like the other flowers that need just the right kind of soil and amount of sunlight.

    If I were to drain that pond, it would smell like a sewer.

    Nothing is wasted in Creations economy.

    Sometimes the most beautiful things rise up out of the rot!  So, make peace with your past.

    Consider even the most difficult seasons of your life a type of joy…for without them, you would not be who you are todaya Lotus blossom rising out of the mud!

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    Permission to play for work

    Permission to Play for Work!  Work/play balance…I can already hear you rolling your eyes.

    I get it! I, too, must put in crazy hours at the studio. And, when I get home, I’m really NOT home. There are sequences to write, themes to work on and it just never ends. And, I no longer have kids. Throw that in them mix…WOW!

    Living is expensive, so we must work — trade our time for money.

    But, I have found that it is my attitude about work that helps me bring the work/play into balance.

    I ACTUALLY GIVE myself permission to play at work!

    If I start my day off grumbling because “it’s Monday and I have to go back to work…” I begin the spiral into fatigue before I even have made it to Tuesday.

    Instead, I truly feel that I’m blessed. I love my job! (I do know not everyone is lucky enough to be able to say that.) But, if I have to work so many hours to make ends meet, that I have to find a way to make it worth doing.

    Even when doing exactly what I want to be doing for work – because I actually do LOVE being a YOGA TEACHER — I must be intentional in choosing my thoughts. It is a rigorous, exhausting, bring your full game everyday, kind of job!!!

    Here’s how I do it…”I am so lucky to have a good job”, ”another opportunity to make some money and provide for myself”, or “how incredible that I’ve been offered this challenge…”

    Simply working on changing my outlook, my approach to work and giving myself permission to be ‘playful’ in my heart, brings actual play into my work.

    Here’s the thing, too! Play brings positive interaction with my co-workers and my boss and work…and, soon work becomes a place we either want to be…or maybe not so bad after all.

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    Meditation Vs. Medication: An Honest Mistake or a Profound Thought?

    As I was searching for an image today, I intended to type “MediTation”, and instead typed “MediCation”! How often do I do this with different words? All the time! You see, the thing is that our minds automatically go where we are comfortable. We drive to places that we’ve been to a thousand times… even though we meant to drive somewhere new. We pick up the phone intending to call a friend, and instead dial the number for MOM, because… it’s familiar. We’ve been calling Mom for as long as we can remember!

    So, what does this mean? I have no idea! I’m not a psychologist!

    BUT, it makes me think… are we programmed to think and behave a certain way?  Do we look for mediCation before something like mediTation to heal?

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a time and place for medication. Our modern-day advances in technology and medicines are life-saving… to say the least. But, do we jump to it for every ailment before exploring other options?

    Maylo tells us that Nutrition Matters. We even offer a Nutrition Matters t-shirt. And I believe it! What we put into our body determines what we get out of our body!

    Tom tells us that exercise matters… not just exercise, but the right exercise! Taking care of our bodies with stretching, foam rolling and exercises that push our bodies is key.

    So, my question today is this… how could you improve your circumstance by improving your whole-body wellness?

    For me, it’s a focus on taking time to listen to my body! It so often tells me when it needs REST to recharge. Or, if I’m feeling anxious and restless, it’s telling me to get out and take a run! Share your thoughts below…


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    What Makes a Well Being?

    What makes a Well Being?  There is a lot of talk about Wellness. But, for me, the question is really, what makes a Well Being?
    • Nutritional Balance
    • Work/play Balance
    • Exercise/Rest Balance
    • Contemplations/Inspiration Balance
    • Energetically Balance
    • Financially Balance

    So, the obvious in all is BALANCE!

    Each of these elements of Well Being are segregated – people, places and activities. And, those that teach each element of Well Being, teach just one piece, and often don’t even recognize it’s a small part of the whole.

    People can get stuck! Even in trying to be WELL, you can get off balance! A hyper-focus on one aspect of wellness can completely dismantle all the work and investment, because of not tending to the other areas.

    We are not simply bodies…nor are we simply minds.

    We are mind-body energetic beings. Energy has to flow within us, around us. And, we require BALANCE!

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    Energetically Balanced

    Energetically balanced – what does that even mean? Being energetically balanced means that you are very “in tune” with your nervous system. You sense, you feel and your intuition is in play.

    When you become energetically balanced, the old saying, “You can feel the tension in the air…” becomes real. There are other sayings that are ages old, like “You felt him walk into the room…” or “You could cut the tension with a knife…”

    It means that you can literally feel where your energy and the energy of others are either in-sync or clashing.

    With it, you begin to realize there are people around you that lift you, and likewise, those people in our lives that suck our energy right out. I call the second kind an “energetic vampire”.

    These are the people that “really want to go to lunch and hear about where your life is going…” and then dump all of their problems and frustrations on the table. I marvel at the abrupt, “I always feel SO much better after talking to you!” THEY leave feeling great and you are left feeling fatigued and drained.

    Most people are not even aware of this energy infusion or big energy-sucking going on. But, it’s real!

    Take a moment and think about a time when you truly shared with a friend. Positive energy flowing both ways. Each person able to hear some and share advice – from the heart. Remember how you walked away with the feeling of being complete?

    Turn your palms face-up and shut your eyes. Can you sense the gentle radiating energy that is in them? In yoga, we call this your Prana, your life force and guess what? It has an expiration date!

    What if you could actually track the amount of energy in and out of your Prana? If you only had an allotted amount of energy to run your household for a year, how would you use it? You’d pay attention to how it is being spent because you wouldn’t want to run out before the year is up right?

    Well, the reality is YOU ONLY HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY. Allow yourself to say No, at times. And, look for those people that help you find energy and renewal.

    Allow the energy vampires to find someone else to suck energy from…Spend your Prana wisely!