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    Get the kids outside. Try to find a Geocache.

    Indiana Jones, Goonies, and National Treasure are just a few of the movies I grew up with! What kid, or adult, doesn’t love the idea of hunting for a treasure, trying not to get caught, and hopefully finding the treasure? Sure, nowadays kids use Pokémon Go, but if you want to get your kids interacting with the real world, check out the Geocaching app.

    Let’s face it, it gets them outside, kills some time, and teaches them about maps and how to use them. What more could you ask for? You would be amazed at the random spots you can find “Caches”. We have been visiting friends west of Topeka, staying with family in Washington, or just trying to plan a new running/biking route based on the locations close to me and have still been able to find a nearby Cache. At the very least, it is easy entertainment at an affordable price. Just remember, don’t get caught by the muggles. (A term cleverly used from the Harry Potter Movies to describe someone who does not know about Geocaching)

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    What is SMFR?  Self Myofascial Release is a quick and relatively easy way to immediately improve range of motion (ROM) through soft tissue. See what we’re talking about here.

    SMFR works on the same principles as a manual therapist would use for muscle spasm, adhesions, or fascial restriction causing tightness. You tend to get more “bang for your buck” in invested time and increased ROM as compared to Static Stretching. Foam Rolling (with a foam roller like this one) should not replace static stretching, but used in conjunction with, especially in dealing with problematic muscles. (i.e. very tight or recovering muscles) 

    In cases of power or heavy strength workouts, static stretching has been shown to be counterproductive and decrease power production. So SMFR would be the best choice in conjunction with a good warm-up protocol including a thorough dynamic warm up. Never the less, static stretching should still be done, when coping with very tight muscle groups.


    Who should not do SMFR? Contraindications for certain conditions!

    There are some conditions that are contraindicated to doing SMFR, they include but are not limited to: organ failure, bleeding disorders, malignancy, aneurysm, acute rheumatoid arthritis, advanced diabetes, severe osteoporosis, and healing fractures. (2) Your physician and physical therapist can help determine whether or not SMFR is an appropriate course of treatment for you.

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    Workouts for the Busy Traveler

    Let’s face it, if you are on the road and not in charge of your schedule, workouts can be hard to stick to, squeeze in, and adjust to your setting. My advice is to be open-minded! When in Rome…. while planning your hotel arrangements, spend some time Googling workout facilities that could match your workouts. Or even better, check out places that offer something different and change it up.

    Hotel “Workout Rooms” can range anywhere from a big corporate gym to a closet with a treadmill from the 80’s, a few mismatched weights, and a broken fan. Let’s face it… we’ve all been there! And if you end up in this space again, be prepared for an in-room workout. A streaming workout, a downloaded video, or a bodyweight workout are all great options to move when your only other option is to sit still a little longer. All you need is a solid 10-15 minutes of intense activity to make yourself feel better.

    Your body wants to move, you want to move, so move! Because you and I both know that these trips are just hurrying up to sit.

    Sit in the Plane. Sit in the taxi. Sit through the meeting. Sit through Dinner. Sitting to have drinks. Go back to your room to sit and check your emails so you don’t have an overwhelming pile when you get back to work. 

    The alternative is tight muscles and a sore back… so let’s have fun and take a few minutes to fit in a workout… of any size! This quick circuit on the MyoSource Kinetic RT Suspension Straps is a great option at home and on the go! 

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    Moving into Summer: One Dad’s way of Staying ahead of his kids

    Moving into Summer with kids is always tough…here’s one Dad’s advice!

    I have three very active little boys, twin 7-year-olds and a 3-year-old. As my household transitions over from the indoor winter hermit to the outdoor action hero’s and superstar athletes, we have one mantra in the house “Wear them out”. That’s right, take those kids and go do anything that makes them use their brains and brawn. The days are longer so there is time to play catch, kick a ball, and bike ride after you get home from work. Simple activities give me a chance to talk to my kids… not just at them.

    I am a big believer that shared experiences lead to shared motivation and goals, which lead to opportunities to talk. I also try to get the kids involved in any of my big “Honey Do Tasks”. It does slow the process down, but it has always amazed me how much confidence, skill, and can-do attitude it has built in my boys. You should hear them talk about the next project they want to do… and a lot less about watching TV and playing on an iPad. Nothing drives me more crazy then to hear my kids whine about wanting to watch someone else do something that they could do or learn to do on YouTube.

    Here is our Summer Bucket-List! Feel free to borrow it!

    1. Try Geocaching, letterboxing, or another form of treasure hunting
    2. Find a Nature Trail to hike
    3. Build a project together- Picnic Table and an outdoor couch
    4. Camping and Fishing
    5. Sports
    6. Moving rocks and digging a hole in the yard- it’s hilarious, its the same pile we move back and forth I just find different reasons to move them around
    7. Sidewalk Chaulk- Speed Ladder, Hop Scotch,
    8. Bike Ride- I have to pull my youngest in a trailer, but he is a good for laughs as a  backseat driver.
    9. Current Project- Backyard Obstacle Course
    10. Work towards earning the boys’ Theatre Badge for Scouts
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    How do you use a Foam Roller? And, why?

    Foam Rollers are used for self-myofascial release (SMR).  Self-myo what?  Fascia is part of the connective tissues of muscle.  When muscles are over-worked, stressed or even experience trauma, the fascia itself can become inflamed. SMR helps release the tension built-up is fascia.
    Watch how to properly use a Foam Roller… and Enjoy!
    Oh, and we can’t forget the shameless plug for the best foam roller we’ve found… from MyoSource. 

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    Decongestion Shower Bomb With Spearmint Review

    Simply, “Loved it.” I am an allergy/sinus sufferer that struggles periodically throughout the year. I am known to take a eucalyptus bath or stay in the shower a little longer for some relief from allergies.

    I have never tried a shower bomb before, bath bombs yes, but not the shower. It was the perfect amount of potency for my tastes. My only recommendation is to put the bomb away from the flowing water so it lasts a little longer.

    I hope you enjoy this Mixture Shower Bomb as much as I did!

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    Let’s talk Pelvic Floor…

    How do you lead into a topic about pelvic floor health in America without raising eyebrows or turning people off from the conversation? As a trainer, we tend to use the words “Core” more often, but there are many layers to that.

    In short, about 10 years ago I began looking for a more effective methodology in training clients. I struggled with my own low back and knee injury because my own man stretching recovery was not happening effectively.

    I hit a brick wall with researching from my usual sources. Then, I took a course on the pelvic floor from Christina Christie, creator of the Pelvicore Ball. Finally, she had a lot of answers to the questions I had been forming due to the inconsistent nature of my back. I also found that the “Pelvic Floor” is a lot bigger topic that can impact anyone.

    Now, it serves as a foundation for my client’s training programs, ranging from a 9 year old swimmer, a 26 year old Marine Pilot, to a 85 year old hip/knee replacement. Prenatal to postnatal, this device has enabled me to help a wide variety of clients in a number of ways.