Meet Cody

As your average, everyday guy, health and wellness is a constant journey for me! I’m a father, husband, son, friend… and let’s not forget, individual, trying to navigate the waters of health and wellness through the latest trends and ‘popular science’! When I really think about it, it is an overwhelming thought. If I’m being honest, my excitement to explore new directions in health, wellness and “living my best life” has led me down many paths. Some, dark, twisty… and a little bit scary. While others were bright, beautiful and promising!

One common theme in all of my explorations is that I have learned something new about my body, my life, my family or the world around me on each one. One of my greatest journeys began in 2012, shortly after my 1st son was born, when I set out on a weight loss journey. It became apparent to me very soon that my sedentary lifestyle, focused around food… and not a lot of movement, needed to change in order to keep up with the demands of fatherhood that lie ahead. As I began to reduce, and even cut out, some high calorie foods, I began to notice the extreme difference in my body when I did not consume dairy. As my infant son was struggling with sleeplessness, reflux and other digestive ailments, it occurred to me that if dairy made me feel “this” way, could it be doing the same to him? We began phasing dairy out of his diet and immediately saw a difference. From that point forward, we have created a dairy free household (slowly moving toward a vegan lifestyle) and have never looked back!

It’s this same excitement for learning about how food truly impacts every function within our body that makes me so eager to publish new stories each week for YOU on Your Wellness Spot. Now, all that said, I’m just the webmaster! So, I’ll be behind the scenes… learning, just like you, from each of our incredibly talented, thought-provoking and uplifting voices!

I’m excited to embark on this journey with you and am ecstatic to see how we all grow together at Your Wellness Spot!