FitDeck Stretch- A Different Stretch Routine


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The FitDeck Stretch is a fun, different stretch routine that can improve flexibility!
The FitDeck Stretch contains 56 cards each with a different stretch. The cards allow for a unique way to choose how you want to stretch.  They can make stretching more fun by offering stretching suggestions in a whole new format! Shuffle the deck and choose to do the first three stretches that you draw! Or challenge yourself to do one new stretch each day until the end of the FitDeck. Stretching is a great component to add to any fitness routine. It can help reduce muscle stiffness, improve circulation, and fend off potential repetitive stress injuries.  The stretches can be done for all fitness routines and sports training.  You may do them prior to exercise to improve performance, use them to prevent common injuries, or to reduce post-workout soreness.


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