Meet Rebecca

Adventurous – it fit me to a tee! In my 20’s, I was a fearless, free spirit. I enjoyed a fast pace. In my 30’s, I was very competitive – always good-spirited, but with vigor. I didn’t have to win, but certainly enjoyed it when I did. In my 40’s, I looked for every opportunity to find a travel adventure.

For me, life was a high-energy exploration. Business. Pleasure. Home. Vacation. It was all part of the same fun.

So, what happened? The reality of life. Over a short number of years and life events, reality crashed around me. Call it a collision of the physical and spiritual energies. I am fortunate to have a great family and very good friends. Through good nutrition, exercise, managing stress and valuing personal time, I have regained much of my old self. But, it didn’t happen easily. I needed lots of encouragement.

For me, Your Wellness Spot reflects what I needed then, and what I continue to need now to remain balanced and healthy. It allows me to continue my journey and supports my ongoing efforts to be spirited, strong and resilient.

Being a few years older, I’m not as daring as I used to be. But, my free spirit is now expressed in more deep, soulful ways.

I hope you, too, enjoy Your Wellness Spot.