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    Massage Anxiety? Take the first step…

    Massage Anxiety?  Afraid to even try a Professional Massage? When I received my first massage, I was very nervous. Yet, I quickly learned the benefits of a professional massage are so incredible, it’s worth it to let go of the anxiety.

    First, know your fears are common. I remember a flood of questions in my mind. Am I supposed to lay naked on the table? Where exactly are they going to touch me? Are they going to see my butt? What if I can’t relax? What if my armpits stink? Are they going to see my mole?…The big one?!

    Really! These were just a few of the concerns I had before the massage started.
    But once it began, it felt so nice!  I wondered what I had been so anxious about.  Amazing!

    Then my anxiety began to rise again. The therapist tried to move my arms–I moved them for her.  Just trying to be extra helpful, I told myself.  But, I held them so tight, because I wasn’t sure if my armpits were smelly. I held up each finger during the hand massage. I lifted and turned my head for her as she did my neck massage. I held my legs as still as possible so they wouldn’t be wobbling around. And I tried very hard to not be ticklish when she got to my feet, which ended with me almost kicking her in the face!  All of which defeated the purpose of relaxing and receiving the benefits of a massage.

    Yet, it was still great. After my massage, I felt energized! Having someone focus on making my body feel relaxed was a very unique and enjoyable experience. It was no longer scary, and I felt that I had done my part to be helpful.

    With all that said, try not to be nervous! Everyone has had body anxiety at some point. If you think about it, your massage therapist would not have chosen this profession if they were uncomfortable with the differences in people’s bodies.

    So, I kept going.  Over time, I realized how therapeutic a massage is — both mentally and physically. But, it wasn’t until I GAVE my first massage that I realized the proper way to receive a massage…


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    How do Rituals anchor us in life?

    Life’s Rituals! Even if we are not aware of it, we all have little rituals that we perform every day. What is your morning routine? Is it the same every morning? Does your day get thrown off if something is out of place in the morning? Why do you think that is?

    Rituals have always played a powerful part in all cultures, through the history of man. As we observe peoples from different cultures, rituals mark the most important seasons and events for their society. We learn about their culture by what they value and worship in rituals. In doing so, we learn more about ourselves and our own cultures.

    Families have rituals. Do you make birthdays a big deal? Which holidays bring the family together, as one? Are there moments of worship and prayer?

    Rituals serve as an anchor for us, providing a feeling of safety and stability. Rituals allow us to drop into a cadence or rhythm that is familiar. It brings a sense of peace and stability, possibly even observance and mindfulness. Even the simplest of rituals can be considered sacred to our being.

    In fact, it has been found that rituals have a profound effect on our nervous system. And because of that, when you are feeling overwhelmed, a ritual, a meditation, a quiet time and cup of tea, whatever it is for you, can anchor you and bring a soundness or balance back to your nerves.

    A Quick Ritual Test:

    Is there something you like to do every Sunday?

    Are there specific people you enjoy doing it with?

    If you don’t get the opportunity, do you feel like your week was complete?

    If you answered YES to all three, then you have a ritual that is important to you. Now, rate the strength of feelings for not getting to do it with 1 = not much to 5 = very much.

    Take a moment and consider those rituals that help you find peace and honor them.