Meet Tom

I have always had a love for movement, whether it’s myself or watching someone else perform. Human movement is an amazing process that comes so naturally to people, if given the opportunity.

My whole life, my parents have been active! Outings and adventures were always physical challenges that my sisters and I loved. My dad’s philosophy was “you have to be in shape to go on the adventure with our group”. He would slow down, but you were still expected to push yourself.

As I grew, I knew I had to plan a career path that would allow me some physical freedoms to move around. In my first few years of college, I had an office job that only reiterated that fact to me.  I felt like I needed to move more than the average office would allow me.

I chose a path in sports medicine as an Athletic Trainer.  It has allowed me to help people get back to their sport. Due to Medicare and insurance standards changing, upon graduation I stumbled on a career in Personal Training. I loved it!

I now get the opportunity to help inspire others, to motivate, and to push them to do something more.